Throw Back Thursday: Crazy Hair!!

We moved  to CA 2 years ago and obviously changed school. Our new school hasn’t had crazy hair day until NOW! Red Ribbon week was last week. Each day has a different theme, crazy sock day, wear red day, CRAZY HAIR DAY! My kids were jazzed! So in prep for pictures of what we did this year here is a few do’s we have tried in the past!


At our school every year we have spirit week. One day during this week is devoted to Crazy Hair Day! This is a big deal in my house!  My kids actually plan for!! They love it!

Well, this fun week is coming next week and as usual all the kids are planning what to do. I thought I would post what I have done in the past to get your creative juices flowing just in case you have Crazy Hair Day at your school too! Unfortunately this are old pictures and I don’t have any step by step ones, just final products. Hopefully my explanation will be enough!!

Z wanted  big hair! So big hair she got!

I pulled all her hair into a big ponytail on the top of her head.


I then teased and teased and teased her hair.


I finished it off with lots and lots of hairspray. She loved how it turned out!

Next we have AB. Yes, I said all my kids not just the girls! He loves this day and he always has the best hair.


A head full of tiny ponytails is what he wanted! He needed a hair cut really bad but we let it go just for this day! I tried to go in rows instead of just random but either way would look perfectly crazy!


I used LOTS of gel to get his hair to stand up straight! All the different colored elastics made it fun too.



  1. Pam C.

    Ammon’s hair is just priceless! How long did it take to get all the tangles out of Zoe’s hair, and how much did she hate it?

    Did they win any prizes?

    1. hairstylesbymommy.com

      Zoe has built up a really strong head and is great no matter what I do!! I didn’t take me as long as I thought it would! No, no prizes. The school doesn’t do that but they should have:)!!!!

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