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Toddler Gets a Haircut!

I love hearing stories of thoughtful, generous people and when they are kids they are even that more special to me! This girl is amazing! Her parents are teaching her from a young age (3!) to think of others and put someone’s feelings above her own! It is so sweet that her doll got a …

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Oscars 2014

Lupita Nyong'o

I am not big into watching the Oscar. But I do love to look at all the dresses and hairstyles the day after the Oscars! They give me ideas to try on my girls! One of my favorites was Lupita Nyong’o! I love the simple headband! Beautiful!                 …

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Frozen Hairstyle

Three the girls in my house have seen the movie Frozen and two have not! But ALL of them LOVE LOVE LOVE the songs from Frozen and know them each by heart! It is a rare occasion to come into my house and not hear someone singing that song right now! Whether or not they …

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Valentine’s Hairdo

I was trying to come up with a new heart hairstyle for Valentine’s Day that was different for my teen! She has done the heart do a few times and was looking for something new! I think I found it over at Hair Romance! It is sophisticated, elegant, and perfect for a teen or a …

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7 Foods for Prettier, Healthier Hair!

We all know what we eat reflects how our bodies look and feel, but did you know it is the same with your hair? I didn’t! I came across this article today and wanted to share it with all! 7 Foods for Prettier, Healthier Hair! We will be trying it out in this house too! …

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Crazy Hair Day 2013

The girls knew exactly what hair do’s they wanted for crazy hair day. I am not sure it they turned out how they pictured them in their heads, but the loved their hair! B wanted a puffy high front ponytail. And 2 braids in the back! Z added the flowers and bows to be more …

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Fabulous Five Friday 11-15-13

It has been a great great week! So much going on here! Our weekly visits to the library are always fun! I love that most of my kids love to read! I made a new batch of laundry detergent! I tried this out a few months ago and enjoy the money I save and it …

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Fabulous Five Friday 11-8-13

    I know I know! Halloween was over a week ago but since I didn’t get it up on the blog last week I wanted to do it this week! We love Halloween in our house! Here are a few of my adorable/scary trick or treaters! T went with me to N’s Friday night …

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Fabulous Five Friday 10-25-13


Everybody but the high school kid had fall break this week! It was great to relax and do pretty much nothing!! We spent a day at the pool relaxing! Someone had a birthday and turned 5!! Holy cow! M made a huge mess with the cereal while I was trying to get ready! Good thing …

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Fabulous Five Friday 10-11-13

Finally I know! Fabulous Five Friday! A peek into our family’s daily life! My amazing hubby had a birthday this week! He is the absolute best thing that has happened in my life! I love him! Taking pictures with this many kids is always an adventure! This was our favorite! Silly faces!   M had …

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