Braided Headband

This is a great fun do for any age. I did it on myself and got tons complements.  So try it out on you and your cutie!!


Start by sectioning the the very front part of the hair off. Then grab the section right behind that on the left side and braid it!


Here is another look!


Pull the braided hair over to the right and secure it behind or just above the ear (depending on how long the braid is) with clips.


This is what the top looks like!


And the left side.


Take that extra hair in the front right and twist it to the back of the head covering the clips.


Now do the same thing on the left side.


Join them in the back with an elastic!

Too cute, right?!


When I did it to myself I didn’t do the twist I just bobby pinned the front hair behind my ears and over both sides of the braids so that it would hide them!


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  1. rachel

    I haven’t left a comment yet, but I just have to. I found your website a few weeks ago, and my girls and I have been having so much fun ever since. In fact, our neighborhood has caught on and loves doing the different styles. Thank you for such a simple, clever and fun site. Keep it up!

    1. hairstylesbymommy.com

      Thank you so much Rachel!! I am so glad you and your daughters and your neighborhood are having so much fun!!! You totally made my day!!

  2. Danielle

    I was looking for a cute way to do my daughters and your sight has been perfect! Thank you!

  3. Jen

    This is the best web site EVER!!!!!!! I have a girly-girl who loves to have pretty hair and I just wasn’t cutting it, lol. Last night was my first try and we did the Worms bun. She LOVED it and wore to dance class where we got tons of compliments 🙂
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!

  4. Kiki

    I luv luv your site. It totally inspires me to do more than just a pony. Thank you.

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