Basic Three Small Ponies

I have had lots of awesome emails with requests and questions. Keep them coming! I would LOVE to hear from you!

Some one asked for Hairdo’s for Dummies! I thought that was great! So to help with the, self proclaimed, hair challenged here is a quick, fast, cute, basic do!

I was very hair challenged years ago! Don’t believe me? Ask my Mother-in-Law! She will tell you the truth! She is gorgeous! She is very good at doing her hair and always looks great! She taught me a few basics. Add to that the fact that my hubby hated my daughter’s hair messy and lots of girls and here we are today!! So I really do know how you feel! I never thought I would be here 10 years ago!! The key for me was practice! Start with something such as this do and do it until you have perfected it! Then add a little twist or a knot. You will be a professional in no time!

This do would be perfect on a baby. My almost three year old loves it, as well as K and B! So it is great for lots of ages! It is also perfect with A’s new short do! This would also be super cute on short naturally curly hair! The hair in the ponies would look adorable!


This do is also featuring clips from Lil’ Miss Couture! When I got them in the mail I just fell in love with them!! They remind me of cheerleader’s pompoms! Yea, I got a little football on the brain! They also remind me of all those cute tutu skirts that are so in right now! Aren’t they just so cute?!?!

So back to the do ;)!

Start by taking a thin section of hair in the middle of the head. Brush smooth and secure with an elastic!


Make another one of the right!


And another one on the left! Simple, right?!


All set!! Now just add some cute clips!


A great tip with a basic do is to add an accessory or two! Sounds simply, I know, but it is so true! Adding these cute clips totally adds to the cute factor!!


I love love love how cute the clips are with T’s outfit!! This, by the way, is her favorite outfit!!! She wears it every other day!! She loves the Lil’ Miss Couture clips too!


Be sure to check out all the different clips and bows at Lil’ Miss Couture. She has a huge gorgeous selection!!



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  1. switty

    i love this website ,my daughter tried all the hairstyles she’s only 4 and has a long hair

  2. switty

    what should we do for a long hair?

  3. switty

    hai darlinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  4. cassie

    hi switty is my friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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