Backwards Puffy Pigtails

School is out for summer!!! My kids are on summer vacation and they are so very happy to be done with another school year!!! Me too! I love not having a schedule and being able to sleep in!!

With all the beautiful warm weather I have a cute new pigtail do for your little sweetie.


This is a combination of Fancy Pigtails and Puffy Braids.

Start by parting the hair straight down the middle and then I like to put one half of the hair into a ponytails to keep it out of the way.


With A, first I took the front section and made a Knot!


Now grab a small section from the bottom by the nape of the neck!


Put it into a small ponytail.


Do another one right above that one.


Now do another one. Really you can do as many as you like.


Add the front ponytail and the bottom one together with all the rest of the hair and make a big ponytail.


Here is a side view!! You are halfway done!


Follow the parts and do the same thing on the other side.


Here is a closer look!


Add all the little ponytails together and make the other ponytail.


There you have a cute fresh do for the summer time!


A slight twist on this that I do on T since she has less hair than my other girls is putting the hair into one ponytail.

I start the same way as I did with A. Split the hair into two sections and make your six small ponytails.


Here is a side view. I went up a little higher on the side than I did with A.


I took the front section and put it into a Knot because without the knot T’s hair was all over the place at the end of the day!

Add all the hair together and you are all set!

Too too cute!!!

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