Back To School Ponytails

Ponytails or pigtails are a fast way to do hair on a busy morning! They are great for getting the hair out of the way. They are also perfect for keeping cool! I can’t leave a ponytail alone. Here are a few ways to make that ponytail a little more!

Double knotted Ponytails These ponytails don’t take any extra time! They are fast and so cute!


Chain Links Into A Ponytail The chain links take maybe a minute more but are really worth the time!


Waterfall Ponytails These super bouncy ponytails are fun with very little extra time required!


Single Backwards Puffy Ponytail This ponytail takes a bit more time with all the parting but it is really cute!


Double Braided Ponytails These ponytails take a little more time but look great!


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