Back To School Idea

So one last idea about back to school before my kids start tomorrow! A lot of these do’s are GREAT Next Day Do’s! Remember Next Day Do’s? It is that fantastic idea that with a little hairspray and a ponytail you have a whole new do out of an old one. I do this often! Most times the hair styled cute on top can be slightly re-brushed and hair sprayed. Then pull it all back into a ponytail or two pigtails and it is all new!


It works great and saves time in the morning!


Side Knots

Thin Knots

Another Headband

Are all examples are great Next Day Do’s!! Try them out!!


  1. hairstylesbymommy.com

    Good idea here

  2. Hairstylist Diamond Bar

    I loved the idea – quick and easy and looks good too. i will try it at work.
    its good for the school days. Buns, braids, and ponytails will soon be your go-to looks for hectic mornings.

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