Back To School Hair Do’s!

School has started!! What about you?

Our mornings are nuts!

I hate being late for school and doing hair 4 heads of hair will not make me late!

To help you (and me!) out I made a  list of go to hair styles. All this do’s are prefect for school because they are fast, easy, and cute! They keep the hair where it is supposed to be! Out of your little girl’s face!

All these do’s are perfect for your kindergartener, first grader, second grader or third grader. She will stand out in her class! Little A will be sporting these do’s for sure. So will B and K as they start second grade!

X Marks the Spot This great do is perfect for x day and any other one! It works well for any type of hair long or short!



Twisted Pig Tails This do is great for keeping any type of hair back and looks super cute!


Four Little Piggies This cute do works for all types of hair long or short!


Baby Piggies This is A’s favorite do! It is perfect for keeping hair of all types and lengths back.


3 Small Top Ponies This do is perfect for all types and lengths of hair!


My kids and I have had a blast this summer. We welcomed a new baby, took lots of trips to the beach, celebrated my brother Jeff’s marriage, spent lots of time with family and friends doing many many fun things! I love the unscheduled days of summer. Staying up late and sleeping in! I love having my kids around me! I love everything about summer! What about you? What fun things did you do this summer?


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  1. prisha


  2. divya


    1. sheetal

      hi divya im your friend sheetal

  3. a

    there very cute hello i love this website

  4. Mary

    I love these hair styles. What do you use as far as hair gel or spray to keep all the little hairs from sticking up? Thats my main problem :/

  5. Amber

    Love your site! Tried one today and my 4 year old loved it. She is obsessed with your site and she has already picked put hairstyles for the next week.

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