Back To School Do’s

Yesterday I showed you some quick do’s for a busy morning! Today’s do’s take between 5 and 10 minutes so they are still quick, they are also a little more mature! As Z got older she wanted her hair do’s to look different than her little sisters, more mature. These do’s are great for second, third and fourth graders, though really you could do them at any age!

Braided Crown This do is great for any type of long hair and it will look good all day long!


Ponytail Veil This cute do is fast and great for any hair. This do is perfect for a fancy day or a regular day!


Side Knots A great do for long or short hair. It is perfect for those days when you sweetie wants her hair down. This may be B’s favorite do!!

Braided Flower This cute do looks great with almost any type of  long or short hair and is quick too! I don’t like how this do looks in super thick hair.


Thin Knots This do is great for any type of hair long or short and is definitely my go to do! When I want something fast and cute this is what I do.


Two spin offs of Thin Knots are Thin Knots Part 2 and Diagonal Knots! Both are also quick cute go to do’s for a busy morning!




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  1. Deebi27

    Wow, l,ove these looks. I have 4 girls in my room; 2 need to have hair fixed several times a day. Their moms would love to find ways of keeping hair outy of the eyes and still look neat and cute. You have so accomplished that 10 fold. Thanks, I will startr usingsome of these in the classroom tomorrow!

  2. Brenda Miles

    Love these! I will have to try one of these tomorrow on my daughter!

  3. Carrie

    Thank You~~~~♥♥♥~~~~!

    1. hairstylesbymommy.com

      You are so welcome!!!

  4. Emilee

    Thanks for all the great inspiration. I’ve loved trying some of these in my little girl’s hair. I think she liked them too!

  5. Miranda

    I love all of them ..and I am really havng fun on make in them on my daughters …..they feel so happy in changin hair style everyday at school !!

  6. Lexi

    Oh my goodness. I love the pull throughs

  7. miriam

    hi i love these tutorials but for some reason mine dont come out the same..agghhlittle frustrated.

  8. Anonymous


  9. Trisha

    Have any suggestion for short hair, almost shoulder length?

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