Throw Back Thursday: Baby Piggies!

A’s hair isn’t long enough for this do right now but we do T’s hair like this all the time! She loves it just like her sister did! It is a great way to dress up a basic ponytail!

I love Throw back Thursdays! Each picture brings back many memories! A has grown so much in the last few years! She lost a tooth this week and has that cute toothless smile!

This is Little’s A’s favorite do. It is quick and easy and according to her looks so cute! A named this do and I think it is the perfect name and a super cute do for a super cute girl!! It can be done on all hair types. I like it best on shoulder length hair!


You can do a knot or just a small ponytail in the middle front of her head.


Then part it and pull it into a pigtail. The trick is the last time you loop the elastic around do not pull the hair all the way through. This leaves a baby piggy. Yes, A thought of the name herself!


Now do it to the other side and you’ve got baby pigtails!


This works best on shorter hair! The longer you get it doesn’t look as good.


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