Another Crazy Do

Here at our house it is crazy hair day tomorrow! The kids are excited. I thought I would add one more day of examples before the big day!

Zoe wanted just one tall ponytail. She loved this one!


We looked up ideas for crazy hair for boys and found using pipe cleaners were the perfect accessory! We put those tiny ponytails in the night before and took them out in the morning to get the perfect crazy spike!



K opted for the same crazy do as B’s last time. And B wanted the do Z did the first time. Her hair fell a lot by the end of the day when this picture was taken because her hair is so heavy but she still loved it!!



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  1. Ashley

    How do you do this and please respond asap

    1. Ashley


    2. hairstylesbymommy.com

      First I put Z’s hair up into a high ponytail. Then using undent paper clips and more elastics I made the ponytail stick straight up. I teased the end to make the puff! You must be trying this soon!! Good luck!!!

  2. Laura

    How did you work the paperclips into the hair to make it stay that way? And do you think I could use something else? If so what ideas do you have?

    1. Hairstyles By Mommy

      I do it gently with a wiggly motion to get it in there. Pipe cleaners might work although I haven’t tried them. Another idea might be a a straightened out bobby pin! Good luck!

  3. Nicole

    How do i make the pony tail stand up like that?

    1. Hairstyles By Mommy

      I use a paper clip that I have unbent except for the last curve! Try it and play around! It is tons of fun!!

  4. Faith

    Can you use something other than paperclips? Please reply ASAP

    1. hairstylesbymommy.com

      You could but I like paperclips and feel they work the best!! Good luck! If something else work well let me know!! Thanks!!

  5. Taya

    i did like them

  6. Karlee

    Thanks for the idea. I wish I had actually planned a bit better but realized it was crazy hair day the day of! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151437279707293&set=a.312041242292.146730.503792292&type=1&theater

    1. Hairstyles By Mommy

      Uggg! I have done that!! Next year!:)

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