Colorful Puffy Braids

This really fun cute do is perfect for long long hair but can be adapted for most lengths. It is great for any type of hair. It is the perfect do for keeping hair up, out of the way and neat!!

Start by making a Knot at the top center of the head! I made the knot a little off center and diagonal. You could start this do any way! Use a cool Part or anything you want!


I parted the rest of the hair down the middle and made two low ponytails.


I took one of the ponytails and put an elastic every inch or so. With B’s hair I ended up with five elastics!


Do the same thing on the other side!


You can adjust this part anyway you want! Do less or do more elastics! Closer or father apart! Whatever you like!


To make this do a little funner and more colorful I added these really cheap ponytail holders. I found a huge bag of these in many different colors at a 99 cents store. I have seen them all over the place. I don’t like them for holding hair because they don’t do a good job which is why I add the elastics first.



I did this same do on K, but I made the ponytails higher. I couldn’t do that with B because her hair is too thick and the weight pulls the ponytails downs. K’s hair is not as heavy and works perfectly! I only added three elastic to K’s hair.


Because K’s hair is on the thinner side I back combed the hair in between the elastics to make it fuller! Another name for back combing is teasing. I teased the hair before I put another elastic on. Teasing or back combing is just combing the hair the opposite way, comb the hair up instead of down!



Color and bright, I love it! A few days after I took these pictures I saw a do like this on a commercial! I don’t watch too much tv so it may be an older commercial that you have all seen before.

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