3 Bun Up Do

I found pictures of this do on Pinterest and just had to try it! Now Z and I LOVE it!  Have you heard of Pinterest?! It is totally addicting and tons on fun! If you are on there already go follow me!!

This do is so easy and so super cute!! It can be dressed up for prom or a wedding or just a regular day! It is great for any age but I usually do it on Z and myself so the tween/teen girls and Moms! Any hair type too.


I started with a Single Side Knot. Z does not like her hair pulled all back so we always do a Knot or a Single Side Knot to break it up! I just pull all my hair straight back. Both ways work and are cute, it just depends on your style!


Put all the hair into three ponytails near the nap of the neck.


I didn’t want the part lines to show so I did the pony tails on the outside first and then did the middle one. The hair overlaps a little so the part lines won’t show!



Make all three ponytail into Messy Buns. I didn’t take step by step pictures because it was a work in progress. I did them and then moved and re-pinned the hair until I liked how they looked!


I like the ponytails close together so you can’t tell where the messy buns starts and stops.


Cute and simple but elegant too! I love it!!


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