2012 Back to School

My junior high and elementary school kids started school yesterday!! We pick out their outfits and got their back packs all packed. They were so excited they had a hard time going to sleep!

I have mixed filling about sending my kids back to school! I don’t like the first day of school! I always cry! I miss the noise and yes even the fighting that has filled the house the whole summer!  But it is nice to clean the bathroom and have it stay clean all day!! I still have two at home that fill my day and my oldest will be a freshman and doesn’t start school for 2 weeks so we are spending time together! I have plenty catch up house work to do and way too many projects I need to finish or want to start!

The start of a school year means growth to me! It means my kids are getting bigger and more independent from me! Of course I know I want this to happen but it still makes me sad! I want them to stay young and carefree and mine for a while longer!

I don’t  win, this time! They must go to school and they can’t wait! So off I send my 7th grader, my 5th grader, two 3rd graders and a 1st grader!

Good luck this year my Lovies! Have the BEST school year EVER!!


Good luck to you and all your Sweeties!!


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