Fancy Ponytail

I love this do and use it for all my girls. You do have to have long hair. It takes a little time to do all the parting but it is worth the time! Super Cute!

Part hair straight down the middle. I put one half in a temporary ponytail while I work on the other side.


Each side is going to be divided into three sections. Start with the front part of the hair and make a ponytail. I did a knot but it looks cute without!


Divide the rest of the hair in half. Have your little sweetie hold the middle section while you work with the bottom part.



Take the bottom piece and do a backward knot like in the Valentine heart do.


Brush middle section smooth and add the two other sections to it and secure with an elastic.


Do the same thing to the other side following the parts!


I leave T’s hair like this since it curls so cute. But for K’s hair I did a messy bun.


On shorter hair you can leave out the bobby pins! But K’s hair is a little long so I put I set in.


Side view.


Top view.



Sometimes we do a twisted pig tail which looks cute too!



  1. Tina Rak

    I love your hairstyles they are so easy and look so good….I have done so many!!! I really love the valentines ones and the ponytail veil,.,,,I am still working on the braided crown and braided ponytails and the braided flower….I just have a hard time keeping them in …practice practice practiice…thank for your website!!!! Happy Valentines Day!!!

  2. April Barbie

    I Extremely love your daughters different ponytails hairstyles and braided ponytails hairstyles and buns too I think she looks so so really really cute cute cute cute I like to try those hairstyles on me my daughter and my son both I think they would look so cute on them

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