Toddler Gets a Haircut!

I love hearing stories of thoughtful, generous people and when they are kids they are even that more special to me! This girl is amazing! Her parents are teaching her from a young age (3!) to think of others and put someone’s feelings above her own!

It is so sweet that her doll got a haircut too and now they are matching!


Flash Back Friday: St. Patrick’s Day – Shamrock

We love doing this do! It is almost time!!


St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. So we had to have the perfect do for the day. This one fit the bill, a Shamrock!


It uses the same technique as I did with the Valentine Hearts! You just make three of them!

Start by doing the backward knot on the top section of hair.


I forgot to take the first picture, but this is all her hair starting about an inch above her ear! Then split the rest of the hair in half and make backwards knot. Make these two sideways!


Make sense?! Thank goodness for pictures, right? Now using the heart technique make a heart. I twisted these on K but you could braid them all well!

Make one on the left securing the elastic with the base of the other heart.


Now the one on the right, again adding it to the other two!

There you have a shamrock! Perfect for St. Patty’s Day!! You could add a green ribbon to be even more festive!!



Oscars 2014

I am not big into watching the Oscar. But I do love to look at all the dresses and hairstyles the day after the Oscars! They give me ideas to try on my girls!

One of my favorites was Lupita Nyong’o! I love the simple headband! Beautiful!

Lupita Nyong'o

                                                           Oscars 2014  AP Press

Jennifer Lawrence’s pixie cut was stunning!

86th Annual Academy Awards - People Magazine Arrivals


                                               Oscar 2014 Hello!

Another favorite was Sandra Bullock’s hair. I love the side swept curls!

86th Annual Academy Awards - People Magazine Arrivals


                                                                      Oscar 2014 Hello!

I would have loved to see more of Diane Kruger’s do. All those braids!


                                                                     Oscar’s 2014 Vanity Fair

Maria Menounos had a beautifully romantic braided updo that I will have to try!

Maria M

                                                 Oscars 2014 Steve Granitz/WireImage

Frozen Hairstyle

Three the girls in my house have seen the movie Frozen and two have not! But ALL of them LOVE LOVE LOVE the songs from Frozen and know them each by heart! It is a rare occasion to come into my house and not hear someone singing that song right now!


Whether or not they have seen the movie they love Elsa and Anna though their favorite might be Olaf.

I stumbled across this blog post on Confessions of a Hairstylist showing one way to recreate Elsa’s hair! I love it and though it goes way against my need for my daughter’s hair to be neat and out of their face I really like it and would probably try it for a special occasion, Halloween too maybe!

Valentine’s Hairdo

I was trying to come up with a new heart hairstyle for Valentine’s Day that was different for my teen! She has done the heart do a few times and was looking for something new!

I think I found it over at Hair Romance! It is sophisticated, elegant, and perfect for a teen or a Mom!

It is very similar to the hearts we normally do, you can see those here, but a little more. I usually start with a knot and then do the flipping and the heart but this new do skips the knot part.

ts-heart2Let me know what you think! Will you being doing this to your daughter’s hair or yours?:)


Valentine Hearts

This is the month of love and today starts the week of all fun Valentine’s activities!! A is soooo looking forward to her school Valentine’s Day party and has already informed me of what she wants her hair to look like!! She wants 2 small braided hearts!

No matter what your daughter’s age or hair length or thickness there is a perfect style for her!

We first posted these ideas 3 years ago and we still love them!!

They all start the same general way. Divide the hair you want to use. Z is my model. You can see how I already did one heart. Here I am going to do two.



Now, instead of doing a normal knot, do it the opposite way. Push the hair up through the hole not down like normal!


Pull the knot tight. Split the ponytail into two sections and watch them naturally make a heart when you grab them at the bottom!

Decide how small or big you want the heart and then put an elastic to hold the shape. As you wrap the elastic the shape will come out, just reshape when the elastic is secure!! I took a small section of hair under the original ponytail to add to the bottom elastic to help keep the hair in place.

The double heart is great for a preteen or teen hair do because it is subtle!


For a different look I took B and put her hair in a small knot in front and then two piggy tails in the back. I flipped the ponytails just like I did with Z’s hair and then twisted  and twisted the hair before adding the elastic at the end to for the hearts! I used gel on my hand to help control the fly aways!!


For K’s instead of twisting the two pieces I braided each side and then secured with an elastic!


And finally for T and her baby hair I just did a small heart on the top side of her head!


If you want the hair to stay more secure add a bobby pin to hold in place!  Happy Valentines Day!!!!

7 Foods for Prettier, Healthier Hair!

We all know what we eat reflects how our bodies look and feel, but did you know it is the same with your hair?

I didn’t! I came across this article today and wanted to share it with all! 7 Foods for Prettier, Healthier Hair! We will be trying it out in this house too!

I mean really, who doesn’t want better hair, right?


The first food on their list is beans! We eat pinto beans at least once a week here but very few kidney or lentils! I will have to change that!  A few other of her ideas are carrots! I knew they were good for your eyes but hair too? Perfect, because we love carrots! And pumpkin seeds! Guess I will have to buy them instead of waiting for Halloween!

Check out the rest foods for great hair here!

Do you have any food that you would add to that list? Leave me a comment and let me know!! I would love to hear what you think!

Crazy Hair Day 2013

The girls knew exactly what hair do’s they wanted for crazy hair day. I am not sure it they turned out how they pictured them in their heads, but the loved their hair!

B wanted a puffy high front ponytail.


And 2 braids in the back! Z added the flowers and bows to be more crazy.


K wanted a Mr. Potato Head but I wasn’t prepared. She liked her results though!


Once again Z added the flowers and clips to be more crazy!



A wanted hers standing straight up!



I had to warn her not to get too close to anyone and poke them:)!


A wanted 3 mow hawks. It is harder to come up with crazy boy do’s but he loved it!



Even though they don’t go to school the littles always like to be like everyone else!









Fabulous Five Friday 11-15-13

It has been a great great week! So much going on here!

Our weekly visits to the library are always fun! I love that most of my kids love to read!


I made a new batch of laundry detergent! I tried this out a few months ago and enjoy the money I save and it cleans the clothes well! This was a new recipe! I want to try a few to see which I like best! This one smelled so good!


T was playing with my phone while we were waiting for kids and got this shot! Gotta say I love it!


N and his team got 2nd place in their league!! They have had a great season and are excited to keep playing. Tonight we will go to Santa Monica to watch him play Santa Monica High School. They look evenly matched so it should be a great game!!! His has a great support system of grandparents and uncles and aunts!


The kids are always making and leaving little notes or origami creations for me and each other!! I love walking into a room to find sweet notes or drawings stuffed under the door or laid nicely on the bed waiting for someone to find it!


Throw Back Thursday: Crazy Hair Day Take 2

Here are a few more crazy do’s we have done in the past before I post the latest crazy do’s.


Here are some more crazy dos that we have done for crazy hair day!

Z was not liking any of my ideas on this crazy hair day. There we were, last minute and no ideas. In steps N, the big brother with all the big ideas. This is my interpretation of what he suggested!


I parted her hair crazy and made four ponytails around her head. I used unfolded paper clips to make the ponytails stick out. Here’s the trick, don’t unbend the last end. Use that little loop to go through the middle of the ponytail and straighten it out. The long part of the paper clip should be in the middle of the ponytail! The little end should be on the outside of the ponytail. Bend the small piece in so it won’t hurt anyone.


I braided the hair around the paper clip wire and secured it with an elastic.


From there I could bend the hair anyway I wanted!

AB wanted a Mohawk. But not a Mohawk like everyone else did!


So we did a pony hawk!


B and K had kinda short hair. For B’s I made two small pigtails in the front. Did the same thing with the paperclips. Instead of braiding the hair I put a lot of colorful elastics to reinforce the ponytail.


K’s I started like Fancy Ponytails and then finished like B’s and all the colorful elastics.

Little A is never one to be left out. Even though she didn’t go to school she still needed crazy hair!


Isn’t that a nasty black eye. It still hurts me! Anyway, A’s hair was just two ponytails with the paper clip through them and colorful elastics. I bent hers so she wouldn’t poke or  hit anyone with them, but straight out it would be cute Pippi Longstocking!

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